Team Photo Schedules

Team Photo Schedules

Below is the photo schedule for this fall. Remember to wear your team uniform to that practice and turn in your picture order form if you would like to order photos. Order forms will be handed out at practice.

Thursday, October 11
Southern Community

Time Team
4:15 Woodepeckers
5:00 Guineas


Monday, October 22nd                                                                               Monday, October 22nd
Southern Community                                                                                   Homestead Park

Time Team Team Team Team
4:00   Oracles    
4:15 South Africa


Inferno Penguins
4:30 Gators Leprechauns Orion Moxie
4:45 Blast Jumping Jacks Sprouts Moonstones
5:00 Togo Elves    
5:15 Peru Wallabies Netherlands Unos
5:30 Nigeria Cardinals Ravens Geckos
5:45 Italy Freedom Sting  
6:00   Galaxy    


Tuesday, October 16th                                                                     Thursday, October 25th
Southern Community                                                                         Homestead Park

Time Team Team Team Team
4:00 Uruguay Skippers Brazil Pumas
4:15 Korea Bubbles Monkeys Flames
4:30 New Zealand   New Zealand  
5:00 Ghana Norway    
5:15 Mexico Bambinos Panama Algeria
5:30 Force Polaris Gemstones Dynamo
5:45 Honduras Phoenix Lotus Hammerheads
6:00   Fire    

Wednesday, October 17th
Rainbow Fields

Times Team Team Team Team
4:00 Ireland   Fury Australia
4:15 Crackerjacks   Aces Columbia
4:30     Luna Blackbirds
4:45     Argentina Peacocks
5:00 Seekers Kickers    
5:15 Internationals Red Bulls Finland Spain
5:30 Iceland Doodles Cuba  
5:45 Heffalumps Chickadees USA Greece


Thursday, October 18th
Rainbow Fields

Times Team Team Team Team
4:00       Kicks
4:15 Unicorns   England Cobras
4:30 Leapfrogs   Austria Monarchs
5:00 Revolution Ducks Switzerland Tunisia
5:15 Strikers Dragonflies Chile Fireflies
5:30 Gryphons Wizards Germany  
5:45 Wildcats Butterflies France Japan
6:00     Guatemala