Spring 2018 Game Schedule NOTES

Below you will find the game schedules for the spring season. We will play our first games Saturday, March 24 and wrap up the regular season games on Saturday, May 12. We look forward to a great, weather-friendly, fun soccer season. Please note the following information on scheduling.

1. Chapel Hill United and Triangle Area Girls teams will play 2 games on Saturday, April 14 at the Soccer.com Complex in Efland. Once those schedules are complete we will post them to this page.

2. Some teams will play 2 games in a day. On those dates we gave those teams a 1 game break in between to allow for the recommended rest time by US Youth Soccer.

3. If we need to change your team's schedule (sometimes this is needed for coach conflicts) we will update the coach when the change is made and notify the team if it is the week of the change.

4. PLEASE check the online version of the schedule each week to make sure there hasn't been a change to your schedule.