Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Please take a minute to review our weather-related field closure procedures.

Field Closure Alerts/Practice Cancellations will automatically notify the Playmetrics account contacts when we close a field where you are scheduled. This alert will normally go out around 3:30 on weekdays as there are times we have to wait on the town to update their field status. Be sure to check your Playmetrics account and make sure that your alert preferences (email, text, push notification) are set to your liking. Additionally, the account holder can add any other needed family contacts to the player's account for notifications (How to Add Family Contacts).

If the weather conditions deteriorate during Practices or Games and fields become unplayable, our field reps will notify the office and an alert will be sent out.

If you see lightning, clear the field. If you hear thunder, clear the field. Play will be halted for a minimum of 30 minutes. If no lightning is spotted during the 30 minutes and/or no thunder is heard during the 30 minutes, play will resume. If lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard during the 30 minute period, the clock starts over. No play will resume until a minimum of 30 minutes passes with no thunder and/or no lightning.

Below you will find additional information regarding our practice and playing fields:

1.  Our Rainbow Soccer Complex is in a flood plain and just doesn't dry as quickly as some areas.  Sometimes confusion comes when we close for rain and then the next day it is sunny and we have to close again.  If the fields haven't dried enough after a big storm we will keep them closed.

2.  Cedar Falls Park, Southern Community Park and Homestead Park are owned and operated by the Town of Chapel Hill  Department of Parks and Recreation.  They decide if these fields are open or closed and notify us accordingly.. 

3.  TAGS Complex fields are run by Triangle United and they make the decisions regarding whether or not those fields are open.