Inclement Weather information

Inclement Weather information


Please take a minute to review our weather-related field closure procedures.

1.  Our Rainbow Soccer Complex is in a flood plain and just doesn't dry as quickly as some areas.  Sometimes confusion comes when we close for rain and then the next day it is sunny and we have to close again.  If the fields haven't dried yet after a big storm we will keep them closed so please check the Field Status box on the website before you go to games or practice or sign up for RainedOut Text Message alerts for the most updated information. 

2.  Cedar Falls Park, Southern Community Park and Homestead Park are owned and operated by the Town of Chapel Hill  Department of Parks and Recreation.  They decide if these fields are open or closed. 

3.  Triangle Church fields are run by Triangle United and they make the decisions reagarding that field.

4.  With all this in mind we try to make decisions on whether or not fields are open by 3:30 pm during the week and by 8am on weekends. But as mentioned we must wait on CH Parks and Rec to notify us before we can update.

5.  The way to find out if fields are open or closed is to:

a.) Sign up for text message alerts at the Text Message Alerts link found under the Field Status heading on our webpage:  This system will send you a text message notifying you of a field closure the moment we close it.  This is the most reliable and fastest way to learn about field closures.

b.) Call our weather hotline at 919-990-3036 after 3:30 on weekdays and 8AM on weekends and listen to our recorded message.  If the message is from a different date that means that no update has been made and the fields are open. 

c.) Please call the weather hotilne; not the office because those trying to conduct other business with us can't get through if the lines are jammed with weather calls. 

6. Lightning and Thunder - if thunder or lightning is heard please leave the fields and seek shelter.  30 minutes must pass with no activity before the field monitor will give the all clear. 

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and please stay safe if weather comes through our area.