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US Youth Soccer Coaching Videos

Training Resource

Follow the link below to see some quick tips for coaching from US Youth Soccer.


Player Development

US Youth Soccer

Below is the US Youth Soccer Player Development Model written by Sam Snow, Director of Coaching and others from US Youth Soccer. It is a valuable tool in understanding the difference between age,...

Website Resources

More Coaching Tools to Check Out!

Below are some websites that can be a valuable tool to you as a coach. Some of these have limited access unless you are a subscriber but still have good information for free.

Feel free to contact dre...

Let Them Play

Guide to Coaching Youth Sports

You’ve probably heard the saying "Let the kids play" before and we want to make sure that as a coach with Rainbow Soccer the focus is on having fun while playing soccer. It has been shown that kids...

Training Session Template

Plan Your Sessions Like a Pro

Below is a blank template to help you map your training sessions. The first activity should always be a warm-up and the last activity a game.

Also, try to pick one topic for each training session...

How to Write a Training Session Plan

US Youth Soccer

This document was prepared by the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department.

Whether this is your first year as a coach or you are a seasoned veteran, a well-planned training session will make...