Available spots on CH United Advanced Rec teams

For players born in calendar years 2008 - 2013

Available spots on CH United Advanced Rec teams

Looking for a playing spot in our CH United Advanced Recreation program?  These teams practice twice a week and play a weekend game.  As of 3/9/20 we have spots available as follows (all teams practice from 5 - 6pm.)

u8 (2012/2013)Rainbow Fields, FULL     Southern Community Park M/W (2 spots)

u10 (2010/2011): Rainbow Fields M/W (1 spot); Cedar Falls Park M/W (4 spots);  Southern Community Park: All Teams are FULL

u12 (2008/2009):  We have added a new CHU u12 team practicing at the Rainbow Fields M/W at 5pm.  There are still 2 - 3 spots left on this team.  All other CHU u12 teams at Rainbow, Southern Community Park and Cedar Falls park are FULL.

New players can register today at: https://rainbowsoccer.demosphere-secure.com/_registration

Previous players can register through your existing household at www.rainbowsoccer.org.